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Are we measuring properly the of the ?

Are we considering available to ? Including from systems?

Are the for all members of the organization?

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At BI Pharma, after years answering this type of questions, we have a to improve the way you measure the effectiveness of the sales force within the

Our solutions transform the big amount of data generated by the Electronic Territory Management System (ETMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a set of clear and simple performance indicators designed to calculate:

Sales force effectiveness

Depending on the objectives defined by Head Office, the calculation of the effectiveness varies depending on the circumstances of each pharmaceutical laboratory.

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Incentive of the sales force members

Depending not only quantitative elements such as the sales objectives, but also those qualitative elements like the evolution on the skills associated to the promotional activity should influence the calculation of incentives to members of the sales force.

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Cost of the promotional activity

Given current market conditions, it is a priority to know how we are distributing the resources being used for the promotional activity.

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